The city's BIGGEST Pigs in Blankets are back!

You can have them bottomless, in a wellington or dipped in cheese. But there's nowhere else you can have them THIS big.

By Ben Brown | 6 December 2019

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Size DOES matter. Regardless of what you’ve been told in the past by your mum, lovers and even friends – they’ve all been bullshitting you I’m afraid.

As Andre the Giant will tell you (if he was still alive) – the bigger the better – and if you take this approach with all of your food this Christmas, you’ll probably end up just as big as he was!

When it comes to Pigs in Blankets for example, these Christmas specials from Cane & Grain are certainly in the ‘bigger is better’ court and I’ll go as far as to say that these are the biggest ones you’ll get in the city.

So what have they done I hear you ask (as you dribble over these photos)? Well, they’ve taken their colossal St. Louis Ribs and wrapped them in bacon. Simple but genius.

They then get them in their smoker until the meat literally melts in your mouth and serve them up with a little pot of Maple Glaze.

I ate 2 the other day and haven’t eaten since. They’re MASSIVE. There’s also only a limited amount made per day so if you want ’em – you’ve got to be quick baby!


Cane & Grain Pigs in Blankets

Date: Throughout December
Cost: £5 each

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