COMING SOON: A permanent Prestwich space for independent bakery Masa

You’ll probably recognise Masa Bakery from pop-ups around the city, serving hearty chunks of freshly baked bread.

By Emma Davidson | 13 December 2022

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Starting life in the grip of a COVID-19 lockdown, Masa Bakery has grown to be one of Manchester’s most exciting new ventures, headed up by bread enthusiast Rick Marlow. 

Working in bakeries across the North and South, he started Masa back in 2020 to keep himself busy whilst he was furloughed from his job. Focused on spreading a bit of joy to his neighbours as everyone rode the uncertain waves of the pandemic, Masa has since snowballed into a fully fledged business.

Originally working out of his Mum’s garage offering local deliveries, Rick then began popping up at various markets across the city selling bread out of his van. Entirely family-run, he has now found himself a permanent space in Prestwich.

He said: “It’s been in the pipeline forever and if you’ve ever had a chat with us somewhere around the village, this will come as no surprise – we’ve got ourselves a premises! It’s early days but we’re so excited to be seeing you all soon. Watch this space.”

Whilst Rick will continue to bake in Macclesfield, Prestwich will serve as his new found home in the community that he has fallen in love with. Masa is still hoping to be in Macclesfield in some capacity, too.

The bakery specialises in sourdough and focaccia but also offers a range of breads and sweet treats. This includes brownies, cinnamon rolls, cookies and banana bread, which you might have already tried at one of Masa’s wholesalers across Prestwich and Macclesfield.  

Hoping to open its doors in early 2023, Masa Bakery will be a wonderful addition to Prestwich’s already stacked line-up of bars, restaurants and cafes. It joins the likes of The Goods Inn, All The Shapes, Wine and Wallop and more.