Are these the weirdest flavour crisps in Manchester?

I've eaten some odd flavour crisps in my time, some good, some bad, some bloody brilliant.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 18 February 2021

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But the one’s I tried yesterday should probably win some sort of prize or something – Fried Egg Crisps…

As Manchester’s Finest’s Crisp Correspondent I didn’t just stumble into this position – it’s taken many years, many packets of crisps and many runs on the treadmill to get where I am today.

Who could forget Walker’s famed Squirrel flavour crisps from 2009, or the ill-fated Salt & Vinegar flavoured Skips that went the way of the Stegosaurus in 2005. The one crisp I can never forget though was the frankly rather disgusting Vanilla flavoured Monster Munch that they released during the vanilla craze of 2002.

It’s a whole different ball game when you go abroad too. In Russia I tried Gherkin flavour crisps, Magic Masala in India and now Fried Egg flavour from Spain.

I didn’t have to travel that far to get them though – Lunya Deli on Deansgate sell El Valle ‘Huevo Frito’ Crisps and my word they are tasty! They’re taking Barcelona by storm these bad boys and it’s easy to see why.

They come in two flavours, there’s the Fried Egg version and the Fried Egg and Chorizo. Both have the distinct fried egg flavour – you know when you make the bottom of your egg all crispy? That’s exactly what it tastes like.

Not only this but they also sell a Black Olive flavour crisp from the same company. I’ve not tried those ones yet though but they’re definitely on the list.

Outside of Spain Lunya is the only place in the world that you can buy these – so get yourself down today!

Lunya Catalonian Deli, Barton Arcade, Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BB
0161 413 3317