How to Drink... Better Lager

It's not all just weak, tasteless fizz you know.

By Ben Brown | 10 February 2020

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When most people talk about lager they are usually just thinking about the crappy stuff that most people decide not to drink when someone brings it round for a BBQ.

Those commercial, fizzy, tasteless pints of crap where you can have 12 pints and still not even feel tipsy at all (but really, really bloated).

Well, this bad reputation needs to stop, because there are some truly wonderful lagers out there – you just need to know what to look for. And where. If you head to the Czech Republic on your holidays you’ll know what I’m talking about – flavoursome, crisp and with a bit of a kick – that’s what a proper lager is all about.

This event at Cultureplex will be hosted by Will Evans, brewer and owner of Manchester Union Brewery, and he’ll be taking you through several lager styles – many of which have a surprisingly diverse and complex flavour spectrum.

Sampling a range of lagers, he will give you key insights into the history of the drink, how they are brewed and what to look for when next time you’re choosing a tipple. He’ll also be pairing the lagers up with some snacks – demonstrating the hows and the whys of food + lager.


How to Drink… Better Lager

Date: Monday 24th February
Time: From 6.30pm
Cost: £20 (+ booking fee)

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