The Express Lunch at La Bandera

There is nothing worse than a lousy lunch. Just imagine it, a limp ham sandwich, a room temperature bottle of water and perhaps some crisps if you feel like treating yourself.

By Manchester's Finest | 30 May 2018

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I think life is too short for all that rubbish and so I want to treat every lunchtime like an adventure my taste buds, and I endeavour on to break up the monotony of a hard day’s work.

We all have to watch the pennies- as much as I’d like to buy myself an eight-course tasting menu and a bottle of Champagne every lunchtime- so a good deal is critical. And, I think I’ve found a cracking one.

La Bandera is a fantastic little Spanish restaurant that has an inclination to Canarian food which makes it unique. They have a cracking tapas menu as well, and at lunchtime, you can tuck into three delicious tapas and a soft drink for just £11.95. How is that for a bargain?

There is an extensive menu for you to choose from too. You could go for some Spanish classics like patatas bravas with Chorizo cooked in Rioja red wine and traditional potato tortilla.

Or perhaps some Canarian classics like the twice cooked octopus with their signature mojo sauce, with the salted Canarian ‘wrinkled’ potatoes and succulent Iberian pig cheeks. The possibilities and combinations are endless which means you can go back week after week, day after day.

You and your taste buds can tottle off to the Canaries every lunch break for just over a tenner- and I know that once you try the express lunch once, you will never think about that limp ham sandwich ever again.

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La Bandera, 2 Ridgefield, Manchester M2 6EQ
0161 833 9019