FIRST LOOK: Chinatown's Vietnamese Kitchen - Pho Cue

This new addition to Chinatown is a modern take on traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 18 July 2020

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Yeah okay I know. I get it. Pho Cue right!? Pho Cue. Good innit. Well, this brand-new family run Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown is more than just a risqué name I can tell you.

The idea and concept behind Pho Cue is all about the best in traditional Vietnamese dishes, cooked from scratch but presented in a modern, slick setting.

Letting the dishes speak for themselves, owner Cue and his family in the kitchens create everything from scratch, barbecuing, simmering and cooking for hours – just the way it will be done in Vietnam.

The restaurant is the epitome of family-run, with Cue being joined in the kitchen by his mum, as well as his uncle as Head Chef. Taking the traditional Vietnamese dishes that they are experts in cooking, Cue is on hand to offer up a modern take on them, in essence giving them a more ‘Instagrammable’ spin.

Cue explains; “To them, they were happy to just stick anything in a bowl, it’s hearty and it has an amazing taste but presentation-wise it’s not the best because they are very old school.” And so that’s where Cue comes in – bringing the dishes bang up to date and making them appeal to the younger generation, with a little help from social media.

You’ll find a small but varied menu of Vietnamese delights, with Spring Rolls, Summer Rolls, Vietnamese Tacos and Salt & Pepper Wings and Ribs for starters, followed by Soup Noodles (Pho), Spicy Noodles (Bun) and a selection of traditional mains.

A must try is, of course, their Vietnamese Katsu Curry, which you can have with chicken, king prawns, tofu or ‘special’ – which is a mix of chicken and prawn in case you can’t decide.

No Vietnamese dining experience is complete without a traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi – and Pho Cue offer a selection of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu & Avocado – perfect for a quick bite at lunch.

Pho Cue is open from Wednesday to Monday every week.

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