Food Waste Week in Manchester

Christmas is a time for indulgence; overeating, over-drinking and slouching around. But with that, comes an excessive amount of food-waste.

By Manchester's Finest | 6 December 2017

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Manchester’s restaurants and university students are partnering with real-time offers app CityMunch in a week-long campaign to help stamp out food waste this December.

From the 11th-17th December, restaurants of Manchester will be offering up to 90% off food and drink during their last hour of operation through the CityMunch mobile app, in attempt to sell everything they have before they close.
Restaurants taking part include:


Yard & Coop,

Kettlebell Kitchen,

Dogs ‘N’ Dough,

Bosu Body Bar,

Teacup Kitchen

Black Milk

And many more

To ensure there is nothing wasted, university volunteers will be on hand to distribute any unsold food to the homeless.

The campaign aims to raise awareness by involving the community in an issue which affects everyone. A whopping half a kilo of food is wasted every time, but the problem isn’t limited to restaurants. At Christmas in particular, UK families throw away 4 million meals annually (according to Unilever), putting a massive strain on resources. Watching waste makes good financial sense too, with a family of four able to save as much as £60 per month by cutting down on what they throw out.

CityMunch’s partner restaurants will make sure that none of their food goes to waste for an entire week, giving foodies the chance to snap up some great meals at a fraction of the cost.

All of the deals will be available through the CityMunch mobile app, which is free to download on both the Apple and Android App stores.