FREE Bacon Butties at Cafe 19 this FRIDAY!!

Research shows that 14th December is the most hungover day in the UK calendar, a day which lands after the most popular day for office Christmas parties... what a coincidence.

By Manchester's Finest | 13 December 2018

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19 Cafe Bar aims to save hungover Mancunians by giving away 50 FREE Bacon Butties!

That is all good and well, but what are we supposed to do to stop it? Obviously, not drinking on the night is not an option. Nor is just having one or two. Hangover remedies it is then.

First on the list of hangover cures is drinking lots of water (or having another beer) followed closely by eating a solid breakfast. Grease, salt and sugar are what you need, and luckily for us pork-loving Brits, bacon is a food-stuff which is jam-packed with all three of those things.

Ergo, the answer to a hangover is bacon, and if you agree, do we have a treat in store to rescue you from your hangover from hell.

As a little gesture of festive goodwill, and to help cure that post office party hunger, Northern Quarter’s 19 Cafe Bar are offering FREE bacon butties to the first fifty people through the doors, the morning after the night before. How about that?

A little goes a long way, especially in times of need such as this. As experienced breakfastiers and hangover helpers, 19 Cafe Bar know the way to soothe a slightly fuzzy Mancunian head and that way is with bacon.

Bacon butties will be available from 9 am on the 14th December.

So if you wake up on Friday with the desperate need for a pint of water and a slice of bacon, you know where to go. If that isn’t an incentive to peel yourself out of bed in the morning- I do not know what is.


Free Butties to the first 50 people at 19 Cafe Bar

Venue: 19 Cafe Bar
When: Friday 14th December
Time: From 9 am


Cafe 19 Bar, 19 Lever St, Manchester M1 1BY // 0161 236 3284