Gary Usher Crowdfunds for £100,000 to open new restaurant Kala

The North's very own bad boy chef Gary Usher is making plans towards opening his first Manchester City Centre venture –Kala- and he’s just about to start crowdfunding for it.

By Manchester's Finest | 6 March 2019

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Starting his career as a restaurant entrepreneur of the Elite Bistros group back in 2011 by taking a run-down bistro in Chester (The Sticky Walnut) and turning it into one of the best restaurants in the entire city, Usher has been going from strength to strength ever since.

It would be appropriate to call him the king of restaurants in the North as he has since brought new bistro-concepts to Liverpool (Wreckfish), Prescot (Pinion), Heswall (Burnt Truffle) and Didsbury (Hispi) in recent years.

Usher’s Bistros all have their own identities but are all cut from similar cloth which focuses on British cuisine using the finest local ingredients and seasonal elements presented in a stylish-but straightforward way (with decent portion sizes to boot.)

If you have ever been to a member of the Elite Bistro Group – you will know that they are fantastic little restaurants, and the good news is, Usher is planning to open one right here in the heart of Manchester City Centre.

Kala intends to open in (roughly) two months’ time at the start of May 2019– and the team is just about to start Crowdfunding to make the dream of a city centre Bistro happen.

Although Usher is not unfamiliar with the concept of Crowdfunding, with Kala, the team were aiming to avoid it. However, on a video posted to Instagram at the weekend, Usher admitted he was £100,000 short and so the campaign was set to begin to get Kala open by May.

Usher has rallied together his famous friends to try and get Kala off the ground – including TV Chef and Michelin Starred Tom Kerridge who will be cooking up a storm to a ticketed dinner at Didsbury’s Hispi on March 25th to raise money for the King Street site.

The Kickstarter campaign is due to launch on Monday 11th March at 9 pm– so watch this space for more news and information about fundraising events.

You can find out more about Kala on their twitter page here.