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Mojo Rojo is not just an epically fun word to say, it is a local delicacy from the Canary Islands and we have just caught wind that you can get hold of it at La Bandera.

On first glance, one might not think highly of the food from this chain of Spanish islands- but let me assure you, it isn’t just burgers, chips, full English breakfasts and pints as you might expect from Playa Las Americas in Tenerife. Canarian food is unique, diverse and most importantly delicious.

The food from the Canary Islands is heavily focused on fish (naturally), with influences from the indigenous inhabitants of the Islands, Spain and North Africa.

One dish that is perhaps most signature to the Canary Islands is the red and green Mojo (pronounced MO-ho) sauces which are served with a countless number of dishes and are a staple to every meal.  As this area is historically poor, these sauces were designed to be not only mouth-wateringly tasty but diverse. They have humble beginnings, but these sauces can give a fantastic addition of finesse to any meal- which you will learn if you head over to La Bandera.

Mojo Rojo (Red Sauce) is made up from oil, garlic, vinegar, paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander and a range of other spices which will make it unique from home to home, restaurant to restaurant. The red sauce can sometimes be called Mojo Picón which means ‘spicy sauce’ depending on the amount of fresh chilli you choose to put in.

The Mojo Rojo at La Bandera isn’t too spicy, although it does come with a welcome tickle on the tongue. Like I said before, it is designed to pimp up a lot of meals from vegetables, to fish, to meats- but I like it best on their Pollo Los Asadores – a half chicken marinated in the sauce and roasted. It can be described no other way other than as delectable.

The green variety or Mojo Verde is made up of garlic, coriander, parsley, (sometimes green peppers), cumin, vinegar salt and olive oil. The result is not as punchy as its red cousin, but instead milder and so is perfectly paired with fish or Aloft Papas Arrugadas (salt crusted potatoes).

Make sure you head down to La Bandera and taste a little slice of the Canary Islands.

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