WOOD has introduced a 9-Course Tasting Menu Gift Voucher for Father's Day

Simon Wood is offering up a special voucher for Father's Day, where you can get £100 to spend for just £50.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 17 June 2022

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It’s pretty late in the day now to be sitting around thinking about what you’re going to get your dad for Father’s Day. It’s THIS Sunday which doesn’t give you very much time to buy a card, traipse all around town looking for a present, wrap it and then speak to him to arrange to do something on the day.

Sure, you could just get him a Moon Pig card and some socks from Next, but perhaps it’ll be nice to actually treat him for once?

There’s no better way to treat him than to take him out for a nice slap-up dinner, and so WOOD has created an exclusive Father’s Day voucher this year, one which costs £50 but gets you £100 to spend at the restaurant.

So that means you can get the exquisite Evening 9-course Tasting Menu for just £55 (usually £105) or even the 7-Course Lunch Tasting Menu for £50 with £25 left over to go towards the wine flight.


We were lucky enough to go down to sample the new Tasting Menu a couple of weeks back and were blown away with what Simon and his team have come up with. A “glorious homage to the North“, there are some highly complex dishes on there – many of which relate back to Simon’s childhood growing up in Oldham.

So you’ll find his love letter to the Rag Pudding, ‘Some Beef, its Bones & Whey Soured Onions‘ and a unique take on the classic Egg, Chips & Ham, except with hen’s eggs sourced from Cackleberry Farm, pork from Todmorden and chips doused in duck egg salt and seasonal truffle.

Don’t worry that you’ve left Father’s Day this late – as WOOD have you covered. The voucher is available to purchase from their website, and is valid for 12 months – so you don’t even need to make arrangements to actually see anyone this weekend if you don’t want.


Father’s Day Voucher at WOOD


Cost: £50 for £100 to spend

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