Guys, We Have to Talk About the Samosa Burgers at Scene…

Don’t you hate it when you cannot decide what you want to eat? Do I want Chinese or a Mezze? Pizza or pasta? Korean Barbeque or a Sunday roast?

By Manchester's Finest | May 11th '18

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Nine times out of ten, the two things I am trying to decide between do not go together. Imagine how revolting chicken Chow Mein would be with some hummus on the side, or even worse, a bit of kimchi mixing up with your gravy. Gross. But if you have the inkling for some Indian food a simultaneous desire for a burger and fries you might be in luck. If you head over to Scene Indian Kitchen and take a gander at the menu, you will find the Samosa Burger. Yep. You heard me right- the perfect marriage of Indian food and the American Institution of burgers. This consists of a signature Scene crispy samosa with cheese, a combination of Indian sauces and chutneys and salad, all served in-between a lovely toasted bun. You can also go for the meaty version, which adds a minced chicken patty which is grilled to perfection, and both come with a side of chips (obviously). When you bite into the Scene samosa burger you will hear an almighty crunch before the hot, spicy filling pours out which really satisfies your craving. This burger is like no other in Manchester and makes a great choice for fussy eaters, veggies and carnivores alike and people looking for an entry-level dish to get them into Indian food. I strongly suggest that you get down there and get your jaws around a Scene samosa burger as a matter of urgency. Scene Indian Street Kitchen, 4a Leftbank Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3AN 0161 839 3929