HIDDEN GEM: The Trafford Park Burmese Café & Kitchen with the Cult Following

A massive favourite down in Trafford Park, Nila's is finally getting some serious recognition elsewhere...

By Ben Brown | 30 November 2021

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Back in May I needed to go to get a COVID test, due to someone in the office testing positive. My nearest test centre was just behind the colossal (and sadly now derelict) Trafford Park Hotel, which was once actually home to the largest men’s toilets in any pub in the world. Ever.

That’s a great fact, but oddly enough – not what we’re here to discuss. I think I’ll leave that one for another day. Today we’re heading just a little further down Third Avenue to Nila’s Burmese Café – a true hidden gem that the majority of workers in Trafford Park will be fuming about us bringing to your attention.

This week we started a new series on our Instagram, one where we visit places that have been ‘Suggested By You’ – and Nila’s was brought to our attention by Amy Saunders who explained how:

“Nila is THE loveliest lady and is constantly putting freebies in her boxes. She’s got a firm following in the Trafford Park area (but reaaaally struggling over Covid when everyone was WFH)”.

Of course, I was made aware of Nila’s all the way back in May when I went for my COVID test, however it was, rather unfortunately closed.

More recently I spoke to Nila at Stretford Market where she was selling her homemade dipping sauces. This week though, we FINALLY found time in our diary to visit and give these incredible authentic Burmese dishes a try.

Nila was incredibly welcoming – it’s instantly clear why she has so many repeat (and loyal) customers around Trafford Park. She explained to us why Burmese food is so unique – with flavour combinations you won’t get anywhere else.

Burma borders Thailand, India, Bangladesh, China and Laos and some of their most traditional dishes take elements from each of these countries and combines them in a very special way.

Amy told us we had to try Nila’s Signature Dish – the Tamarind Pork, and it did not disappoint!

Nila told us that when she took the dish off the menu for a few days there was uproar from her customers, and we can see why. The pork was so soft it literally fell apart in your mouth, and the flavours were spot on. Homemade Tamarind curry paste and sautéed onions are at the forefront with fish sauce and coriander balancing the flavour perfectly. An absolute must try!

Another stand out dish was the Laphet Thoke which is a salad made with pickled fermented tea leaves and crispy fried peanuts. The salad contains white cabbage, chilli, sesame, fresh lime, coriander, fried beans, fried peanuts and these incredible pickled tea leaves.

It’s such a zingy fresh salad with unique flavours you won’t find anywhere else.

Nilas’s Burmese Kitchen is open Mon-Fri serving lunch from 12pm – 2.30pm, but Nila also runs special one off supper and brunch clubs with one-off menus, as well as special pop-up events at markets, so keep your eye on her social media for any upcoming events.


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