How Manchester's Michelin Star Burger Is Made

We speak to Chef-Patron of Mana, Simon Martin about THAT burger!

By Manchester's Finest | 20 January 2021

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Last week saw Mana, Manchester’s first Michelin-starred restaurant in 42 years, re-position themselves as a takeaway joint, offering up a burger that is probably going to be the greatest burger you’ve ever tasted in your life.

The man behind the burger, and Chef-Patron of Mana, Simon Martin sat down with us to discuss everything about it. As you’d expect, it’s an intricate creation using local suppliers, with a Lake District Farmer’s Belted Galloway smoked beef patty (comprised of shin, brisket, and rump cap), American-style cheese made with St Andrew’s Cheddar and Cloudwater beer, Koji and dill mayonnaise, iceberg and green onion paste on a potato and brown butter bun by Pollen Bakery.

Ultimately it’s comfort food at its very finest, and as Simon lets us know his top 3 burger spots in the city, we just can’t help but bring our attention back to what he’s created – and how it’s put a shot across the bow of the city’s current takeaway offerings.

Over the coming weeks in lockdown there are also plans for the chefs to tackle TACOS “after experiencing some of the best Mexico has to offer” and hopefully FRIED CHICKEN “depending on how long it takes for us to re-open in our usual capacity.”

The burger comes in at a very reasonable £17, considering this is a Michelin Star burger, and limited to just 100 per day.

As a token of appreciation, all NHS staff will be entitled to one free burger per order every Wednesday – you will just need to bring your NHS ID with you on collection.

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