Is this real?! Steak & Kidney Pudding Flavoured Water?

Snaqua is apparently the 'World’s First Savoury Water'

By Ben Brown | September 1st '21

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I had to double-check my Windows 10 calendar this morning to make sure it wasn't 1st April because I received the following email into my inbox... 10:57 Snaqua: The World’s First Savoury Water I clicked on it and, to my surprise someone has created flavoured water, but with savoury flavours instead of the usual sweet. They have 12 options including Pork Scratching, Scampi & Lemon, Sourdough Guacamole and Lobster Thermidor. I mean, this can't be real!? This happens sometimes, like when someone invented a Gravy restaurant in Manchester, or that fella at Vice who created his own #1 on TripAdvisor restaurant from his own shed. I'm a very cynical man - I don't believe this at all. Here's a bit more from the press release... Snaqua is a new brand offering a unique twist on flavoured water, infused with the taste of some of the UK’s most beloved pub snacks and dishes. There's 6 classic flavours and 6 gourmet flavours - from Mature Cheddar & Pickled Onion and Steak & Kidney Pudding, to Charred Hispi & Romesco and Sichuan Braised Pork Belly. Apparently these waters are set to hit the stores in the UK mid-September, so if they ARE real - keep an eye out for them. I suppose if you work in a bar or a restaurant and are looking for the next new ingredient for some mad cocktails - these waters would be perfect. They CAN'T be real though. Surely!? I wouldn't mind trying one of them though - just to see what it's like. Anyway - check out their website here and make your own mind up: