Manchester 2nd Best in the UK for Coffee Lovers

The coffee subscription service Blue Coffee Box have researched the UK's coffee scene...

By Manchester's Finest | 2 August 2021

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Foundation Coffee House Portland Street

Specialist coffee subscription service Blue Coffee Box has researched the amount of choice in coffee shops and roasters throughout the UK and come up with a league table for the best cities for coffee lovers.

They’ve taken into consideration a series of criteria, including the number of coffee shops and coffee roasters, and Manchester is the UK’s joint-2nd best destination for coffee lovers, beaten only by London in the top charts and tying in position with Glasgow.

Smashed Pumpkin at Ezra & Gil

Giving each possible city and region two ranks – one for the number of coffee shops overall, and one for the number of roasters overall – Blue Coffee Box found that Manchester took 2nd position for its range of choice in roasters, and 4th for its range of choice in cafes, creating an overall tie with Glasgow who initially took 3rd place in both categories.

With 125 coffee shops and cafes at the time of writing, and 31 local coffee roasters, Manchester’s position in 2nd is well-deserved, with a long list of truly outstanding offerings, from Ezra & Gil, Federal and Foundation Coffee House, to roasters including ManCoCo, Ancoats Coffee Co and Blossom Coffee Roasters.

Ancoats Coffee

“Though we focus our own efforts on bringing people a great cup of coffee at home, we absolutely believe that a great cup of coffee should never be hard to find – whether you’re on holiday, working away, or just exploring in your own area.” Says Blue Coffee Box co-founder Jon Butt.

“Anyone could tell you that London, the biggest city in the UK, was going to have the largest range of coffee destinations to choose from, but we wanted to shine a light on the other cities and regions with plenty to offer as well. Manchester takes a well-deserved position in the top three, and I hope that anyone who champions great coffee will pay some of the city’s cafes and roasters a visit the next time they’re in the area.”


To find out more about the UK’s Top Coffee Hotspots – including the top 10 individual coffee shops as well as the top 10 cities and regions – you can visit the full story at the Blue Coffee Box website.

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