Mix it up this Valentines with Crazy Pedros half and half pizzas!

For all the Valentines lovers who spend most of the evening arguing about what to eat, this year you can both get exactly what you want with Crazy Pedro's half and half pizzas.

By Manchester's Finest | 14 February 2019

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Fancy a simple margherita but your partner wants to go all out and order the hot dog pizza? No worries, mix it up as much as you like and you can both get exactly what you want – you can’t go wrong really.

It won’t cost you any extra to go two’s up on a pizza either, so you really don’t have any excuse to match up some of their world-famous toppings and come up with a combo which perfectly matches both of your tastes.

In case you’re feeling a little unimaginative, I thought I’d throw some pizzas together which I think make the perfect combo to get you in the mood for some lovin’…

The Meat Sweats
Whacko-Jacko + Kimbo Slice
Meat, meat and more meat, whether it’s pepperoni, jerk chicken, pulled pork or smoked bacon, you’re going to want to combine Kimbo Slice with the Wacko-Jacko for a total meat overload, you won’t be disappointed.


Junk in the Trunk
The Mac Daddy + The Famous Hot Dog
A huge lover of Junk Food? Like a deep fried kebab filled with chips, cheese and gravy, yeh me too!  What you need is half The Mac Daddy, which can only be paired with the famous Hot Dog Pizza…this combo has all the calories but we just don’t give a damn, it is Valentines day!


Edgy Veggie
Summer B + Blueberry Hill
I don’t want anyone to think I have squished these two together because they are just two of four of the veggie choices on the menu and I am trying to appease the vegetarian community. I fully believe this would be a good combo. Summer B is mushroom based with added spinach, garlic ricotta and truffle oil, while the Blueberry Hill is lovely and sweet with blueberry, watercress, balsamic and salty feta cheese to cut through all that tang, I’m salivating!

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