The New £2m Stretford Foodhall welcomes new concept from Ancoats General Store

The Stretford Mall is getting a huge revamp in 2019, with a new Foodhall – featuring a space from the people behind top Manchester corner shop - Ancoats General Store.

By Ben Brown | 8 January 2019

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As someone who lives in Stretford it must be said, the Stretford Mall is a bit shite. Sure, they can boast a rather large Quality Save, an impressive Heron Frozen Foods and their branch of Greggs is fantastic for a post night-out hangover remedy.

The majority of it is stuck in a time warp though – with empty units dotted around everywhere and enough old people to make you think that you’ve accidentally wandered onto the set of Cocoon.

All this is set to change this year though, as work has already begun on an exciting £2m development of the site which will surely be music to the ears of anyone living in the local area.

The re-development hopes to “create a more vibrant shopping environment and attract more retailers to the area”.

That idea seems to have worked because Mital Morar, owner of Ancoats General Store has decided to move into the Mall with a large unit located in the old Argos site which is likely to offer more of what the General Store are famous for.

Anyone who has ventured into the shop in Ancoats will know what to expect – a huge (and eclectic) range of groceries from all over the world, a massive booze section, coffee, organic and vegan products, locally sourced goods and plenty of events and pop-ups to boot.

Due to be open in the Spring of 2019, quite what the rest of the Foodhall will contain is yet to be ascertained – but keep an eye out on the Stretford Mall Facebook for announcements.