NEW Northern Quarter Pop-up: Slow-Cooked Beef Fried Birria Tacos dipped in Gravy!

Birria Tacos aren’t just normal tacos - they’re probably the very best tacos ever…

By Ben Brown | 23 February 2021

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Up until about 6 years ago, most people’s experience of tacos was buying one of them Old El Paso kits from Kwik Save, getting everything sorted and then struggling to eat the bloody things because after one bite they’d just disintegrate into a pile of crisps and slush.

Thanks to places like Luck, Liquor & Burn, Pancho’s, Southside and Wolf at the Door though – many of us have finally experienced the true heaven of the soft taco – and marveled at its versatility and ability to adapt to any filling you throw at it.

Next up though, and coming to the Northern Quarter very soon, is the very popular Birria Taco – a wonderful creation which totally deserves all of the admiration and fawning that it receives.

The Birria Brothers Taco pop-up will be heading to The Koffee Pot from Saturday 6th March, serving up what can only be described as the king of tacos. The main focus of the Birria Taco is an 8-hour slow-cooked shin of beef stew, which is placed on soft corn tacos, stuffed with Oaxaca cheese and then fried.

Whilst frying, the stew is then poured on top of the tacos – making the tortillas soak up even more meaty goodness as they crisp up. Finally, you’re served these beauties alongside a little pot of rich, spiced consommé (gravy to us) so that you can dip away to your heart’s content.

Sound good? Sounds bloody amazing more like! I cannot wait to get my chops around these beauties! Give the Birria Brothers a follow on their Instagram and get yourself ready for the 6th March. (Bibs are available on Amazon for a couple of quid.)

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