NEW OPENING: A new addition to the Arndale Market - South Manny Flavaz

The best in Fried Chicken, Burgers and Loaded Fries have found a permanent spot in the Arndale!

By Manchester's Finest | 16 June 2020

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There was a time last year when South Manny Flavaz took over the kitchens at Impossible on Peter Street and I thought – great, I’m deffo going to go and visit and see what all of the fuss is about.

Well, as you’d expect – I never went. I’m much too lazy to bother with a walk over to that side of town during work time and after work – I just like to head home, get under my covers and eat Twiglets and cheese.

I’ve always wanted to give their fried chicken a go though – because I’ve only ever heard great stuff. Well, after a stint on Deliveroo during lockdown, they’ve managed to secure themselves a permanent space in the Arndale Market, taking over the old Blue Caribou site.

The Market is set to re-open this Monday 15th June and South Manny Flavaz will be serving up their classic fried chicken, burgers, loaded fries and vegan specialities. Personally I’d go for their signature Chicken ‘n’ Chips but you can have whatever you like – it’s a free country.

For veggies there’s their KFC Burger – a Kentucky Fried Cauliflower beauty that might even be good enough to ensure you never bother eating meat ever again. Might.

Anyway – pop down this Monday and say hello to the team, get yourself some fit food. I’m jealous.