NEW OPENING: Evelyn's Café to become Israeli Shawarma 'Pitta Shop'

The café and bar have re-positioned themselves as a 'Pitta Shop' this lockdown...

By Manchester's Finest | 9 February 2021

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Lockdown has forced us all to change, adapt and generally re-think the way we’ve always done things, and that’s the same for the city’s bars and restaurants, who have been adversely affected by the on-going, almost year long government restrictions.

This week sees a Manchester restaurant institution, Evelyn’s Café Bar on Tib Street, take on a new direction, one that’s been inspired by travels to Israel, focusing on shawarmas. Welcome to ‘The Pitta Shop‘.


Kicking off for delivery and takeaway this Saturday 6th February, The Pitta Shop will focus on pitta stuffed with marinated grilled meats, vegetables and pickles, with a limited selection available off the bat – Chicken, Lamb & Falafel, set to be paired with a range of homemade sauces.

There’s a huge focus on flavor, with fresh herbs, spices and heavily marinated meats. They’ve gone to great lengths to find and source authentic ingredients, and the locally baked pitta breads have been called the “best pitta I’ve had in the UK” by Head Chef Phil.

Bold claims indeed. I suppose we will have to check them out to see whether it’s true or not.

The Pitta Shop opens on Saturday 4th February on Deliveroo and for collection…

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