NEW OPENING: Nell's Pizza head to Chorlton!

The Northern Quarter pizza spinners are heading to the suburbs...

By Manchester's Finest | 24 November 2020

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December will see Nell’s Pizza, currently grafting away in Common on Edge Street, head to The Beagle in Chorlton – offering up the same impressive menu of HUGE New York style pizzas to ‘that lot down there’.

You might have heard a little bit about Nell’s in the past few weeks, especially considering they’ve been plastered all over the national news, even making an appearance on ‘Have I Got News For You’ after their ‘run in’ with the Greater Manchester boys in blue.

The famous ‘substantial’ photo // @adampesterphoto

It was during Tier 3, you remember? The one where we strangely had to eat a ‘substantial’ meal with every bit of booze bought, although nobody seemed to know what substantial meant, or why an airborne virus gives a shit whether or not you’re eating a pie and chips with your pint or just the pie.

Anyway, the bizzies came in and shut Nell’s down, then re-opened them again and everything was okay. I’m not sure if they apologised or not – although knowing the police – they definitely didn’t.

So Nell’s is heading to Chorlton this December and taking over the kitchens at The Beagle. They’ve even been selling off some of the old kitchen equipment which I would definitely have bought if I wasn’t currently homeless.

One final thing, Nell’s pizzas are excellent. Like, really good. If you don’t believe me then you should order yourself a 22 inch CHEESE & ONION PIE PIZZA (£28) with roast garlic cream, mozzarella, Lancashire cheese, burnt onion, chives and parmesan. That’ll change your mind.


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