NEW OPENING: The Northern Quarter's NEW Belgian-style Loaded Saucy Fries

Choose your salt, choose your sauce and be prepared for the best chips you've ever tasted...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 3 June 2021

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“Chips” or “Fries”? As Northerners should we ever use the word fries over chips?

Probably not – but both words invoke a different kind of fried potato; chips are big thick buggers that you eat with a battered fish, while fries are the thin, crispy ones that you get on your plate when you’re on holiday in Benidorm.

One place that knows what they’re doing with chips is Belgium – where they call them “frites” and have essentially created an entire cuisine around potatoes and sauces – and there’s a new gaff in the Northern Quarter who have taken this and turned it right up to 11.

The Fry-By is now open Thursday – Sunday (5pm – 11pm) in Corner Boy on Hilton Street, and for something as simple as chips and sauce – they’ve refined, re-invented and mastered each step along the way.

The chips are hand cut to a consistent thickness and length, then triple cooked to give them a crispy outside and that desirable fluffy middle.

To go on them they’ve created 6 SALTS, generously tossed and unique with the O.G., Smoky, Citrus, Chilli Citrus, Italian and Greek all available.

And then there’s the sauces, of which you’ll find 9 speciality beauties all made in-house by Head Chef Cam. There’s House Ando (lemon red pepper mayo), Lemon Pepper Mayo, Brown Crab Mayo, Mumbo, BB Sauce, 3 Cheese Sauce, Gravy, Korma Curry and Marinara.

I’ve just done the maths for you and it means that you have the choice of 54 different combinations of chips, sauce and salt! If you can’t find something you enjoy – there’s something wrong with you.

It’s impressive what Fry-By have done. Taken a side, something that many would consider an afterthought and put them front and centre. They’re outstanding and you need to get them into your life ASAP.


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