The Non-Stop, All You Can Eat, Pizza Giro at Electrik

4 hours of non-stop pizza, 3 days a week…

By Ben Brown | July 19th '19

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There are certain buzzwords nowadays which get people excited; one is 'gin', another is 'pizza' and one of the biggest is 'bottomless'. Now, you can't really call Electrik's new food offering 'bottomless', but only because plates don't really have a bottom, so I'll use the term 'non-stop' instead. Okay, that cleared up let's get around to the important bit - the food! This week sees Electrik launch Pizza Giro, a concept where you're treated to continuous rounds of slices of pizza every Wednesday - Friday between 5pm and 9pm. There is even a totally vegan Pizza Giro every Thursday too! How it works is this. Go into Electrik. Buy a drink and pay an additional £5pp supplement for the Pizza Giro offer. You are then handed a wooden spoon that’s red on one side and green on the other. Use this spoon to tell the server if you want more slices - green means go, keep it coming and red means stop. Simple (and brilliant). Don't worry if you're a big fan of the fantastic Roast Dinner at Electrik - that will still be available every Sunday for your chewing pleasure. Here's what Electrik will be offering with their food each day of the week:

Monday: Pizza Punch Up (All 10” Pizzas £5) ● Tuesday: Normal 10” Pizza Menu ● Wednesday: Pizza Giro 5-9pm (+ plus Normal 10” Pizza Menu) ● Thursday: VEGAN Pizza Giro 5-9pm (+ plus Normal 10” Pizza Menu) ● Friday: Pizza Giro 5-9pm (+ plus Normal 10” Pizza Menu) (Kids Eat Free – still on a Friday but now only applicable to Giro and from 5pm)Saturday: Normal 10” Pizza Menu ● Sunday: Roast Dinners Only

......................... Pizza Giro at Electrik Non-stop pizza for 4 hours Date: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday every week Time: Between 5-9pm Cost: £5 VIEW MENU ......................... Electrik, 559a Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, M21 0AE 0161 881 3315