This Northern Quarter Coffee Spot has introduced a Coffee Flight Board...

... with 3 different brew methods and 2 kinds of bean.

By Manchester's Finest | 18 February 2020

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Northern Quarter favourite Seed & Cherry have set out to specialise in two things.

One is to offer up an extensive menu of Small Brunch Plates, and the other – to offer an unparalleled selection of coffee beans, the likes you won’t see anywhere else in the city.

In both respects they have succeeded. Their new menu of dishes is outstanding, offering up a fantastic choice of dishes that are designed to be shared tapas style, giving you the chance to try a variety of different dishes in one sitting.

We got to try most of the dishes last month and were mightily impressed. See here:

Seed & Cherry’s NEW MENU of Brunch & Lunch Classics

So, they can tick that off the list. Next up – the coffee, and more specifically the beans. Well, in order to offer up more variety and give people the chance to try as many different flavour profiles as possible they’ve introduced a Coffee Flight Board.

Featuring 3 different coffee brew methods (plus a palate cleanser) – the flight board is perfect for lovers of coffee who want to try different variations, as well as trying and experiencing the different flavour profiles that coffee beans afford (to name just two).

Each flight will have two of Seed & Cherry’s current selection of coffee beans, and these could be from anywhere in the world, even their frequent guest roasteries.

There’s the Ethiopia Duromina Washed; which is delicate and tea-like with notes of apricot, jasmine and bergamot, or the Costa Rica Monte Brisas; a versatile bean with notes of peach, toffee and macadamia.

With a Filter Coffee, Espresso and Flat White all on the flight – coffee lovers are truly in for a treat.


The Coffee Flight Board

Venue: Seed & Cherry
Date: Available now
Cost: £6