NOW DELIVERING: "Not That Instant" Noodles from Tokyo Ramen

They've been in hiding for ages - but now - they're BACK!

By Ben Brown | 24 February 2021

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We’ve not heard a peep from the team at Tokyo Ramen for bloody ages now, which is a shame because I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all missed their truly excellent bowls of Japanese nourishment.

Well, they’ve ventured out of their COVID BUNKER to delight us once more with their ramen, offering up a special “Not That Instant” Ramen Kits on their website, kits that enable you to re-create their dishes in your own home.

The thing with ramen is that it certainly doesn’t transport very well, especially when it’s strapped to the back of some poor bloke’s bike and riding hotshot over the numerous potholes and concrete gashes that pock the city’s streets.

So ‘at home’ is the best way, and these new “Not That Instant” Ramen Kits have pretty much everything you need to re-create the Tokyo Ramen experience at home. Containing noodles, torched pork belly and their signature broth, all you need to finish it all off is add some veggies, an egg on top and you’re done.

Obviously if you’re a bit posh then you can get some negi and nori and all of that stuff to make it EVEN better.

Now, here’s the bad news. These things sold out in a couple of hours when they were released yesterday – but fear not – give them a follow on Instagram and when they release some more – you’ll be right at the front of the queue.

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