NOW OPEN: Crazy Pedro's is BACK!

The best New York style pizza in the city is back and we're VERY happy about it...

By Ben Brown | 23 February 2021

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It seems that the city is going pizza mad at the moment, reminiscent of ‘BurgerMania’ in 2013 where every restaurant and bar decided to try to beat each other with even more excessive levels of meat and cheese.

This time there’s Detroit-style pizza, Neapolitan-style pizza, Chicago-style pizza, Roma-style pizza and (obviously) the mighty New York-style pizza. And so that’s where we get to Crazy Pedro’s – who are BACK open again this week!

Open from 12pm – 10pm, Thursday to Sunday, Pedro’s is back rocking their huge, delicious pizzas with some seriously mad toppings.

Of course there’s the classic Margherita and Pepperoni, but how about Fried Chicken & Waffle (£16)? The World Famous Hotdog Pizza (£16)? Or the BEST – the Mac Daddy (£16) which is essentially a Big Mac Pizza and is amazing.

In addition you can also get yourself a LITRE of Margarita for £15, cans of Hooch, beers and those new-fangled Hard Seltzers that you’ve been seeing all over the place.

Pedro’s is open again from Thursday 18th February. Keep an eye out for a new SPECIAL coming in March.


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