The NQ Basement Bar that's also Manchester's No. 1 Ping Pong Spot

In case you haven't heard Twenty Twenty Two is a table tennis haven - but that's not all...

By Ben Brown | 23 August 2019

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It’s always a bit strange when I go to write about somewhere that’s been around for a few years and where I’ve been countless times BUT it’s necessary to understand that not everybody knows or has been to as many places in Manchester as me.

Well, in case you’ve never heard of it I’m going to talk about a very special basement bar in the Northern Quarter now, it’s called Twenty Twenty Two and it’s a bloody corker.

Not only is it as stylish and as sexy as you can imagine, with old school white tiles and a rotating selection of street artists on the walls, but they specialise in something you certainly wouldn’t expect from a bar – PING PONG.

Take a little stroll to the back of the room and you’ll find a huge space complete with 4 full-sized ping pong tables, as well as a few arcade machines and even some tiered seating so you can watch the games progress throughout the night.

It’s just £5 per 30 minutes if you want to have a play too – not too shabby!

As well as the Ping Pong tables you’ll also find some beer pong tables, a huge cinema screen (often playing some absolute classics) as well as their mightily impressive bar with a proper big list of cocktails.

My personal favourite is their Gin & Juice sharer which comes with a FULL bottle of gin in there!

Throughout the week they’ve got all manner of offers and events going on including…

You, Me, For Six
Every Monday – spend £6 and you get FREE ping pong – with beers only costing £3 all night!

Service Please – Ping Pong Tournament
Taking place every 2nd Tuesday of the month, 2022 host a tournament, with the grand prize being a £100 bar tab! It’s FREE to enter and a lot of fun (especially if you win!)

Prosecco Darling?
Taking place every Wednesday evening you can grab yourself a bottle of Prosecco for just £15 and cocktails for just £5! Perfect for a date or just an excuse to get hammered on bubbles.

Beat The Bartender
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Forest Gump then each Thursday you can try and ‘Beat the Bartender’ to win yourself some FREE drinks. From 8pm, buy yourself a round of drinks and you can double it by challenging (and beating) the bartender. I must warn you though – they’re pretty bloody good!

Friday & Saturdays
Twenty Twenty Two stays open until 4am every Friday and Saturday, with a range of guest DJ’s and residents playing well into the early hours. You should expect a mix of classic hip-hop, dancehall, UK garage, disco and R&B – all the favourites of course!

Last but certainly not least I should probably tell you about the Happy Hour at Twenty Twenty Two – just because if I don’t I’d have only done half a job and that’s not my style. From 4pm – 7pm Monday to Friday you can get the following…

Bottle of Wine – £10
Cocktails – £5
Cask Ale – £2.80
Pilsner – £2.80
Bottle of Prosecco – £15

So there you have it – the NQ basement bar that’s also the city’s numero uno for ping pong. If you’ve never been – now is the time. If you’ve already been – good innit!?

Twenty Twenty Two, 20 Dale St, Manchester M1 1EZ
0161 237 9360