Almost Famous

Almost Famous was once billed as a 6 week pop-up and that was basically a life time ago.

By Lee Isherwood | 7 May 2013

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Almost Famous was once billed as a 6 week pop-up, then 3 months, 6 months…. and that was basically a life time ago. The burger joint of choice is now a fully fledged member, and some what leader of the cause in our fair city’s Northern Quarter.


On the top floor of 100 High St behind and above an unmarked door you can spot Almost Famous from a mile away, it’s the place with a line of hapless souls queuing around the block for their burger fix.

You enter through an office building and as Almost Famous once put it ” you’ll be a little bit like ‘what the frick is this place’. So, they do burgers, booze & cocktails and specialise in burgers you’ll have never eaven thought of, let alone attempted to put together! The RoadKill Burger springs to mind, a pile of mangled beef, bacon, cheese, ketchup, burger sauce, onions…. you get the picture.

The booze choice is spot on aswell and the chaps make a mean, if not filthy strong cocktail.

With genuinely amusing specials burgers in both name and choice to keep the concept flowing, this weeks special for instance is the “Cheese Me, Cheese Me, Cheese Me, Cheese Me Baby Burger.” – Loaded with 3 Burgers, 3 Cheese, 3 Toppings, 3 Sauces and is billed as being 3 Times Dirtier than anything that came before it, I’m quite looking forward to it!

Almost Famous have an interesting relationship with social media, Twitter in particular, basically the attitude is “like our burgers or f**k off“. Can’t really argue with that.

What started as “all very alice in wonderland secret handshake style” Almost Famous is now more than widely known than Charlie that kid who bit his brothers finger on YouTube and for good reason, I won’t blow smoke up their buns but basically it’s good stuff.