Dimitri’s Review

Located on Deansgate, Dimitri’s is a Greek meze restaurant with a real Manchester twang. All over the walls are pictures of the staff with their famous visitors and this adds so much to the atmosphere in the place.

Demitri's Manchester

For my visit to Dimitri’s, the Manger, compiled a menu of their best sellers at the branch. To start, in true Greek style, we were greeted with wine with bread, olives and Taztziki. This dip consists of yogurt, cucumber and mint; with certain Tzatzikis the texture can be overly oily and not as much as a fresh taste that it should be, but at Dimitri’s this is not the case. Made in the restaurant, Dimitri’s feels light and whipped for a pallet cleansing sensation. This was a wonderful start to my meal.

Our next instalment of the evening was a feta and tomato salad, calamari and grilled halloumi. My favourite out of these three was definitely the calamari, but this was only due to my own personal tastes. Lightly fried in oil and seasoned with salt, this calamari was so light and moreish; I couldn’t stop eating it, especially the crunchy tentacles. In fact it was all stunning. I, myself, am not a fan of feta cheese, but however at Dimitri’s their feta was not like any shop bought, watery feta. It was fresh and seasoned well with oil and pepper.

Its outdoor terrace is also a treat in the summer months, dressed with vines and olive branches provide relaxing ambiance to the situation.

The finish our savoury feast we were welcomed with Lamb sheek kebabs, chorizo and potatoes and deep fried aubergine. My companion could not get enough of the chorizo and potato dish. It had the perfect contrast between spice and mellow between the sausage and potato and was dressed in a rich gazpacho, of which added a deeper dimension to the already deep flavours. This was definitely the highlight of this section of the meal. Though, again, all were delectable and I can understand why they are so popular with the customers.

Demitris Deansgate

To end, we were given a duo of traditional Greek desserts: Baklava and Kataifi. Served with whip cream, this medley of desserts is for those with an extremely sweet tooth. Both desserts involve fine sweet pastry, nuts and being coated in honey. The medley was light, yet extremely rich, so I would leave room if you were to order this. They were not to my personal taste as I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth, but this would be perfect to share if you do! Please don’t let this put you off. It did look fantastic.

The atmosphere in Dimitri’s is fanstaic. With live music 4 days a week, there is no going wrong. Its outdoor terrace is also a treat in the summer months, dressed with vines and olive branches provide relaxing ambiance to the situation. This is, however, a social restaurant where everything is made in mind for two. If you were to dine at Dimitri’s, bring someone with you to share and explore new flavours over drinks and music. A fantastic evening – really looking forward to going back again soon!



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