It pays to dine early at Sakana

Always on the look out for the best daytime food bargains we hit up Sakana to try everything their new early dining menu had to offer!

By Tim Alderson | Last updated 24 October 2017

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When I popped in for dinner last year Sakana left me rightly impressed with their continent-spanning array of Asian cooking that kept standards high despite offering loads of variety and choice. Straddling cuisines is never easy to do well but they got a lot right, and now the Peter Street restaurant has added another string to its bow with a seriously good early dining deal. Just £11.95 will get you two courses plus a glass of beer, wine or prosecco and, most importantly, there is some really delicious grub up for grabs.

First up we tucked in to the five starters on offer. Probably my pick of the bunch, don’t be put off by the slight resemblance to shredded wheat, these Kataifi King Prawns with spicy mayo are plump, crisp and seriously moreish.

We all dived in to the delicious Salt & Pepper Wings with soy stir fried veg, perfect for sharing… or not.

Sushi plays a big part at Sakana and the tender rice in these succulent Salmon & Avocado Futomaki was prepared perfectly.

A fragrant piping hot Thai style broth with fresh herbs, chicken and mushroom was the ideal tonic to the Manchester weather. I could see this Chicken Tom Kha Kai being the starter of choice throughout the coming cold months!

Spring Rolls are a great choice for veggies, although bear in mind the soup and sushi are also available as vegetarian options too.

The main courses also come with a choice of five options. First up we sampled the beautifully golden skin and moist flesh of the lovely, light Sake Seabass. Wilted pak choi, steamed rice and soy sake dip make up a nicely balanced and healthy dish perfect for lunch.

A little closer to the indulgent end of the scale, the sticky sweet rich flavour of Chicken Katsu Curry is unapologetically appetising. This classic Japanese dish is a real favourite of mine, anything that combines fried, breadcrumbed meat and curry can’t be bad right?

Another spicy option on the menu is the creamy Thai Green Curry, available with beef, chicken or tofu. The use of fresh herbs and spices is evident in the flavour of everything served at Sakana, don’t expect anything other than punchy flavours and healthy crisp vegetables.

Those on the look out for the lighter choice for lunch could do a lot worse than this Grilled Chicken Salad with peanut dressing. The raw, slaw-style vegetables and lean meat make for a nicely healthy low-carb option.

Finally the sticky, sweet, salty, spicy Pad Thai is a great rendition of the classic street food. Sprinkle a little extra peanut and a few more chilli flakes on yourself just for that bit more clout!

Sakana’s brilliant new bargain early dining menu is available Monday to Friday from 2pm, click below to book yourself a table.

23 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR
0161 884 1292