Rosylee: Steak & Wine Wednesdays

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 9 June 2015

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Red wine and steak, as we all know is a combination that just simply works. Rosylee has introduced this as a set, and it must be said, it’s a very appealing addition to the often-overlooked Wednesday evening in the city – in the form of a £17.50 per person set menu.


There’s a lot to be said for choosing the “right” red wine for your steak, but as with all things, there’s no right or wrong with a personal preference. Unless you have your steak well done, and that’s just…


As I mentioned in my cocktail article a week or so ago I really like Rosylee. Whilst sipping our red and awaiting our meal, my partner and I set about deciding on the exact clientele at Rosylee. The folks in there were varied ages, styles and group sizes. Quite literally all bases were covered: The first date, which seemed to go well. The straight couple, who’ve been together a couple of years (us). The gay couple, Instagraming their wine choice. The group of eight women on an evening out, and so on and so forth. We concluded that basically, it’s a good fit all round.

So back to the task at hand. The wine we’ve already touched upon, the setup is simple – a staple house red or one of three guest reds, which differ week on week. We opted for a guest wine: Brisa – a Chilean Merlot. Stand-alone it won’t be breaking any records, but it was certainly a good drinker and it complimented the steak well.

Flat Iron Steak is a tough one sometimes, literally. On this occasion we both went for rare (choices are rare, medium and the one we never speak of, due to the thickness of such a steak.) It was perfect, we were truth be told, both pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed it – very similar to an experience I had when I first tried hanger steak, also a must try.


Sauce wise I’m a peppercorn lover myself so Pink Peppercorn and Brandy Sauce, we also went for the Tangy Tarragon Butter Sauce which was a bit much on the steak, but was great as a chip dip, don’t tell the chef! As a treat to ourselves we decided to add a little extra step to our Steak & Wine night in the form of a Chocolate Tart: Bourneville dark chocolate tart with warm Benedictine custard.



Overall Rosylee’s Steak & Wine night is probably one of the best Wednesday evenings out I’ve ever had. This often forgotten midweek gem of an evening now has a dining setup to compliment it.

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