Viet Shack

A few weeks ago I spotted on Twitter that a good frined of mine whos opinion I trust on matters relating to food (@RobXRich) mentioned his new local, Viet Shack. And so it began.


Based in the Arndale Market Viet Shack have up’d the game some what for the competitors in their vicinity. There’s the Burriotto place, the Greek place, the Pancake place and a few other ‘places’ but none that are quite so much of a destination, and none of which I can remember the name of actually (that’s not to say they aren’t good of course.)

Viet Shack have come in riding the crest of the wave of street food currently rolling through our fair city and they’ve set up permanent shop, it’s not quite on the street but that’s irrelevant really. so, the food.

I started off my first visit in style, Saigon Salad and 2 Veg Rolls – cautiously I went for “a bit of hot spice on the side” – since that day I haven’t looked back. I’ve had the Chicken Burger, the aptly named Cow Burger, more Saigon Salad than I can shake a plastic fork at and a fair few rolls. The menu is simple, the cooking is simple and the ingredients are spot on (as actually is the price, most items are only £3.)

Viet Shack is the lunch time destination of choice a couple of days a week for me now and as I’m writing this I’m selfishly wondering if it’s a good idea spreading the word, don’t wanna be at the back of a queue for my entire lunch hour, word is already getting around. Tho it’d be worth it.



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