What is Oké Poké?

It's been heralded as one of the 21st Century's biggest and best superfoods, with dishes popping up here there and everywhere, but what even is Poké?

By Steven Pankhurst | 5 July 2018

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Why should you eat it, where can you scoff it and where does it even come from in the first place?

All these questions are about to be answered, both in word format and video. We went down to chat to the gang at Church Street poké haven Oké Poké to find out exactly what’s going on, what to expect and what to order if you should find yourself in there on a lunchtime.

A form of raw fish salad from Hawaii, poké began life as a dish served up by fishermen who seasoned their cut-offs from their catch to serve as a snack between graft. These seasonings were often influenced by Japanese and other Asian cultures so you can expect plenty of soy, ginger, teriyaki and wasabi to be knocking about.

A combination of diced raw fish, vegetables and various other mix-ins, poke has become rather popular amongst people looking for a fresh, healthy alternative to many of the usually stodgy lunch options in the city, and Oké Poké are at the forefront of this push.

The dishes usually consist of what has been compared to as a deconstructed sushi bowl with a choice of ‘base’ (rice, quinoa), some meat, fish or tofu, fresh vegetables and finally a sauce to bring it all together.

Oké Poké offer a range of combinations or allow you to create your own. The ingredients can then be served up together in a bowl or wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Alongside these main dishes they also bang out a selection of fresh fruit smoothies, juices, protein shakes and teas.

Oké Poké, 59 Church St, Manchester M4 1PD
0161 879 7735