Slap-up Sunday Dinners at The Chorlton Green

I think as Brits we probably spend our lives either searching for the perfect roast dinner or at least trying (in vain) to replicate our mum’s.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 26 April 2019

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Whether you’re north or south, have it swimming in gravy or dry as a bone, have your beef pink or cremated, potatoes mashed or roasted (or both) we all love a good roast.

You’ll be happy to know that The Chorlton Green, a restaurant just off Beech Road in Chorlton, is serving up succulent roast dinners that are certainly worth writing home about.

The Chorlton Green itself is on a gorgeous little street amidst other cute and likeminded bars and restaurants. Inside is kind of kitschy but effortlessly cool, with wine bottles as far as the eye can see and a nice mural of Christopher Walken which pays homage to Eat New York – The Bagel Shop in town, who are behind the helm on the food front.

Now for the roasts. Your usual choices of meat (beef, lamb, chicken) and if you want a plate stacked high with all main elements you would expect, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a complete sucker for roast beef as pink as it’s allowed, and that’s how mine was served. We also ordered the lamb, which came with a to-die-for mint sauce.

Usually, when roasts are served with gigantic Yorkshire puddings on top of everything else, I find it slightly intimidating. Where the hell do I start and why isn’t there enough gravy to engulf the entire structure? No such worries occurred at Chorlton Green, because the thickest of thick gravy has you covered and don’t be afraid to ask for top ups, they’re thoroughly encouraged.

I could sit here all day and talk about how good the roasted parsnips were – who even does that? I won’t lie, I have never been a fan, but these had just the right amount of honey glaze to make them a bit of a showstopper.

The roast potatoes were that perfect blend of crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and the size of them alone made you feel full after about two bites.

I have to add in the cheesecake for dessert, because if you’re not completely full to the gills after your roast, then you need to try this. We opted to share an oreo-topped New York cheesecake and to say it was heaven on a plate is an understatement.

I’m actually salivating thinking about it now. I also need to give a shout out to the spiciest Bloody Mary’s in Chorlton, a fantastic accompaniment to my mind-blowing horseradish sauce that I’d covered my beef and potatoes in.

If you find yourself in the ‘burbs on a Sunday anytime soon, I strongly encourage you to get down to The Chorlton Green for one of the best roasts I have ever had the pleasure of trying.


Sunday Roast’s at The Chorlton Green
By Eat New York

Venue: The Chorlton Green
Date: Sunday
Time:12 pm-16 pm

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The Chorlton Green, 137 Beech Road, Manchester M21 9EQ