Special Xmas Interactive Screening of Gremlins at The Refuge

Definitely in the top 3 bestest Christmas movies of all time, Gremlins are heading to The Refuge with a big list of annoying rules that you'd better bloody stick to!

By Ben Brown | Last updated 23 November 2018

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Make-A-Scene have got together with The Refuge to bring us all a Christmas special showing of the 80’s festive classic comedy horror Gremlins.

Always way-too-interactive so there’ll be slime, midnight feasts, interactive lighting and effects as well as audience interaction, dressing up and an evening hosted by drag queen Gremlins ready to sleigh!

The Refuge and the Principle Hotel will be done up in the finest seasonal way with roaring fires, trees, decorations and even a visit from Christmas carol choir.

Downstairs will be an equally Christmassy set-up but with added Mogwai and a venue under siege from little green monsters!

There’ll be special Christmas cocktails created for the party by the Refuge staff. Come dressed in Christmas outfits, festive jumpers or even as a Gremlin and you can win free drinks or a very special Christmas surprise.

For anyone that’s not seen it, it’s about a little cute creature called Gizmo, who is bought by a father looking for a present for his son for Christmas. He’s all well and cute and cuddly but he comes with 3 rules:

Don’t expose them to sunlight, don’t get them wet, don’t feed them after midnight…

Obviously everything goes tits up because there wouldn’t be a storyline and what ensues is a rather dark take on the classic Christmas movie.

Gremlins Interactive Screening at The Refuge
Saturday 15th December
15.30 Matinee Show
19.30 Evening Show + Kingston Falls Christmas Party
18+ only

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The Refuge, Oxford St, Manchester M60 7HA
0161 233 5151