Summer BBQ at Hatch

It is well and truly BBQ season and instead of tucking into some half-cooked sausages in your backyard, you'll have a much better time heading on down to Hatch this Saturday 7th July for music, food and some serious merriment.

By Ben Brown | 4 July 2018

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To be fair to Hatch though, pretty much everything is already set up nicely for a BBQ. For one, they’ve got plenty of outdoor space, which has benefitted from the best bout of sunshine since the long hot Summer of 2006. So, there’s the first tick.

The next one is food. Not only do Hatch have a great selection of street food vendors including Holy Crab, Firebird Hope, Well Hung and Yadda Yadda, but they’ll also be putting on super special BBQ menus for the occasion. There’s another tick.

Finally, you can top the whole thing off with some mint tunes, and there will definitely be plenty of that this Saturday. The Hatch courtyard will be home to some top notch live music performances by Zacc Rogers and DJ sets from legend Pasta Paul.

Head on down from 2pm this Saturday 7th July and tuck into some serious BBQ vibes.

Hatch, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7ED