The Superfood Cocktail Revolution has begun!

Healthy cocktails might sound like an oxymoron but suspend belief and get down to The Counter House.

By Manchester's Finest | 17 May 2019

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 The Counter House in Ancoats pride themselves on serving up a range of fantastic nutritional food, smoothies and juices but there’s another thing that they are good at – and it’s all about the alcohol.

A quick scan through their menu and you’ll find a whole host of what can only be describes as ‘healthy’ cocktails – booze filled delights so full of goodness that you won’t end up feeling like you slept in a ditch when you wake up in the morning.

So is it possible to have something with alcohol and it still be good for you? Well, probably not – but these beauties are certainly much better for you than a standard Rum & Coke and you might just tick off a couple of your 5 a day while you’re at it.

First and foremost, must be the brilliant Beetroot Sour (£8) which I’ve talked about many times here on Finest – mostly because it’s one of my favorite tipples in the city at the moment. This bourbon-based cocktail comes with beetroot (obviously), agave, lime and surprisingly – celery bitters. The sour comes from the citrus, while it’s sweet enough with the agave and the bourbon to not be too tart.

Sounding like something a runner would drink for breakfast, the Carrot and Blood Orange Crush (£8) is a wonder of cocktail making prowess and a drink that I could drink all night and still have a spring in my step. Alongside some vodka you’ll be overdosing on vitamin C with a blend of carrot juice and blood orange juice, honey and a final squeeze of Grand Marnier orange liqueur.

Another rather exotic number is the Kiwi Cooler (£8), a rather odd cocktail that is also super tasty (and strong). Alongside vodka you’ll find some lovely blended up kiwi fruit, white wine, apple and… pea. I know it sounds a bit mental but trust me when I say that it’s brilliant. Super refreshing and it’ll have you hammered in no time.

Taking inspiration from one of the best drinks ever, the Mango and Mint Lassi is a boozy take on the classic Indian drink. It comes loaded with dark rum, mango, orange, yoghurt and mint – creating a fresh and tangy cocktail that goes perfect alongside The Counter House’s excellent Spiced Dahl curry.

Finally, I tried a healthy take on one of the best drinks in the world – Brazil’s Caipirinha. The Counter House’s version comes with honey and kumquat, which is a fruit that I have absolutely no idea what it looks like but I bloody love how it tastes. Amazing.

The Counter House, 35 Blossom St, Manchester M4 6AJ
0161 414 0065