Sweet & Sour Angus Ribeye, Vegetarian Scallops, Red Belly Pork: Tattu Expands its Menu with Brand-New Dishes

Combining traditional techniques with modern flavours, Tattu has got some stunning new additions to their already impressive menu.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 1 March 2022

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One of Manchester’s top restaurants for contemporary Chinese cuisine, Tattu has announced some stunning new additions to its already outstanding menu!

The independent family-run business has always been about creating unique customer experiences that stimulate all senses, fusing innovative Chinese cooking with beautiful and meaningful design.  

And its new menu does just that, with new additions to each of its sub-sections, including Dim-Sum, Small Plates, Large Plates and Rice, Noodles and Vegetables

Date and Water Chestnut Wor Tip

Starting with the Dim-Sum, Tattu has introduced the Date and Water Chestnut Wor Tip, with fig, spinach and drizzled with Chinese red vinegar. This dish is intensely sweet and rich in flavour, firstly, the dumpling is steamed and then finally pan fried for a crispier coating. 

Seven Spice Seared Tuna

Red Belly Pork

The new additions to the Small Plates include; Seven Spice Seared Tuna, a delicate and delicious dish, bathing in a soy and lemon sauce and sprinkled with seven spice for a light kick. It’s also elegantly finished with salted caviar.

There’s also the Red Belly Pork, which consists of succulent pieces of smoked and salted pork with spring onion, crunchy sesame seeds and a medium heat. 

Yellow Bean King Oyster Mushroom

The Yellow Bean King Oyster Mushroom finishes the new additions to the small plates, and doesn’t leave out the vegetarians! It’s a delectable dish that shares the allure of seared scallops, prepared with savoury blackened beans and sunflower seed crisps.

Making up the new Large Plates line-up is, firstly, the Sweet Tamarind Balls made with Tofu and Winter Melon. Golden and crispy on the outside and topped with crispy noodles, candied chili and mint, this dish is a multi-sensory treat, with a treacle-like, tamarind sauce to finish. 

Sweet Tamarind Balls made with Tofu and Winter Melon

Sweet & Sour Wok Black Angus Ribeye

Next up is the Char Sui Monkfish. Char Sui is a classical Cantonese dish that is traditionally made with roast pork. Tattu has elevated this into a sumptuous dish using monkfish, which has a delicate yet meaty texture, the perfect canvas for a Char Sui flavourful edge.  

Then you’ve got the Sweet & Sour Wok Black Angus Ribeye, intensely delicious with added winter melon and pineapple for sweetness and the Coconut Creamed Spinach Tofu with crispy shallots and pomegranate.

Also making a mark on the new menu is the Red Pepper Lamb Cutlets. The lamb is marinated for 8 hours in a red pepper spicy sauce and with honey to balance the intensity, creating a glossy finish alongside a Chinese five-spice butter and the Black Cod Croquettes with crispy panko breadcrumbs that break through to a soft, moreish centre, drizzled with ginger and garlic aioli

Finishing off the new menu is the Year of the Tiger Dessert. Tattu’s Chinese New Year dessert will remain on the menu to ensure more good luck and good fortune is passed on to its guests throughout this coming year. The dessert is made with semi-freddo chocolate, peanut butter fudge and marshmallow.

If none of that has taken your fancy, well you must immediately reevaluate your eating habits.


Tattu is open Monday – Wednesday 5pm-12am and Thursday – Sunday 12pm-12am. You can book a table below.


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