The Couple bringing Authentic Japanese Home-Style Comfort Food to Manchester

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By Manchester's Finest | 2 November 2021

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Duncan and Lisa are the Manchester-born Chinese couple behind a new Japanese concept in Manchester – Yane – bringing real, home-style Japanese cooking to the city.

Yane (屋根) actually translates into “roof” in Japanese, and their food is made to make you feel like you’ve been welcomed under their roof and into their own home.

With backgrounds in hospitality, both Duncan & Lisa’s families owned restaurants when they were growing up, with Duncan learning how to cook on a huge turbo wok in the kitchen, whereas Lisa leaned more towards front of house roles.

Chukadon (中華丼)

Gyudon (牛丼)

When you think of Japanese food you probably typically think of Ramen and Sushi, but Yane offers much more – with some truly outstanding dishes that we rarely see on menus here in Manchester.

They specialise in Donburi (rice-bowl dishes topped with fish, meat and vegetables), Katsu Curry and homemade Tsukemono – literally meaning “pickled things”.

Oyakodon Donburi

When we popped down last week we tried their Oyakodon Donburi (親子丼), consisting of diced chicken thigh cooked with soft scrambled eggs, with onions in a sweet dashi broth, and their Gyudon (牛丼); a staple comfort food in Japan for over 150 years, which gave rise to 24-hour establishments where one can enjoy the sweet combination of dashi, soy, onions and beef.

We also tucked into their well-known seafood, meat and vegetable soy-based stir fry – Chukadon (中華丼) – and their Vegetable Katsu Kare (野菜カツカレー), a homemade curry roux that goes so well with the lotus root, aubergine, carrot and asparagus Katsu.

Vegetable Katsu Kare

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