The Drink of Summer 2021... Frosé!

You heard it here first...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 21 April 2021

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Last week was a bit of a blur. On Monday we traversed the streets of the city, securing pints and cocktails in as many of the newly re-opened bars and pubs that we could find. The rest of the week was no different.

By the weekend I was shattered, and decided to just stay indoors and re-consider my life choices.

One thing seemed to cut through all of the haziness though – a drink I was supping during an afternoon stint in sunny Altrincham.

Sitting at the excellent ‘shipping container village’ – One Central – I spied a NEW drink and just had to try it. It’s called Frosé and if this isn’t the drink of Summer 2021 well, I’ll eat my hat.

Frosé = Frozen Rosé wine. Essentially a wine slushy and it’s phenomenal. A must-have bevvy when the sun is shining. A revelation.

As you’d expect, it’s also rocket fuel – so you’ll need to be careful – as it’s almost TOO EASY to drink with only the odd bout of brain freeze getting in the way.

Of course, sat alongside a few glasses of Frosé, you can also enjoy some food from the vendors at One Central, such as Melt’s toasties and raclette-loaded fries, tacos from Choza or even outstanding sushi from the Unagi airstream trailer.

Frosé is available every day from One Central and I suspect that you’ll see similar frozen wines sweeping through the city over the coming weeks and months.

Every Saturday and Sunday you’ll find a DJ down at One Central to soundtrack your perfect summer drink with some summer tunes.

Be ready for that, and in the meantime – get yourself down to Alty to say; “I was there first!”


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