NEW OPENING: Manchester's ONLY Lasagne Slab Shack

Lazy Tony's Lasagneria is incoming...

By Ben Brown | 20 April 2021

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There was a time, back in 2005/6 when Lasagne was my ‘go to’ meal for impressing the ladies – and I got pretty damn good at it too. Making lasagne that is – not ‘wooing’ the ladies – I’ve always been terrible at that.

Trying to find a world-class lasagne in the city though has been a rather difficult task over the years – quite the perfect excuse back in the day for making one instead of spending loads of money taking someone out to a restaurant.

It seems that this dry spell is set to end this week though with the official launch of Lazy Tony’s Lasagneria – Manchester’s only ‘slab shack’ and your new favourite place for a huge chunk of pasta, ragu and cheese, as well as freshly-baked Focaccia bread, Mozzarella Sticks and what they’re calling ‘Unofficially Officially The Best Tiramisu in the World‘.

With all of the pasta made fresh daily, proper Italian tomatoes and even a 100% Vegan option – this looks set to be the ONLY place to go in the city for a proper slice of lasagne heaven – whether you’re looking to woo someone you fancy or just want to channel your inner Tony Soprano and get ragu sauce all over your face, shirt and in your hair.

So where can you get your hands on one? Well, pre-orders will be going LIVE on Wednesday (14th April) – ready for curb-side pick up from Friday in Ancoats. Just head on over to their Instagram for the latest developments.

There’s also a bit of buzz around an incoming ‘Best Carbonara Recipe in the World‘ – so keep an eye out for that too!

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