The North's First-Ever BOOZY Bubble Tea is coming to Altrincham

An Altrincham-based dessert bar is bringing the first alcoholic bubble teas to the North West.

By Ben Brown | 9 June 2022

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Smooch shakes, an independent café in central Altrincham, is launching a new menu featuring cocktail-inspired bubble teas, including Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito flavours.

London and New York already have plenty of places to pick up a boozy bubble tea and now we do too! Altrincham’s independent cafe, Smooch Shakes is launching a new menu featuring cocktail-inspired bubble teas, including strawberry daiquiri and mojito flavours.

Smooch has been providing Altrincham with bubble teas, including their signature ‘Dirty Biscoff with Tapioca’ and soft-serve ice-cream milkshakes, smoothies, and waffles since October 2021.

After their first six months, they’ve decided to launch their first menu expansion, featuring BOOZY Bubble Teas, alongside a larger lunch offering, friendly to many types of diets including vegan.


Bubble tea, also known as boba, is a Taiwanese import that has taken over British high streets. The drink typically consists of a tea base, milk, ice, and chewy tapioca pearls, served in a plastic cup.

Since bubble tea was introduced to the UK, popularity has soared with an estimated 250 dedicated bubble tea stands across the country. Not many of them offer alcoholic bubbles, and none up here – so Smooch have got themselves in there early.

Smooch owner, Peter Donoghue, is Altrincham born and bred and loves the community spirit from locals and businesses in the market town. He says: “I’ve seen Altrincham go through many highs and lows over the years, but I love what the town has become.

“There are some excellent bars and restaurants here and we want to complement that with something fun that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. The bubble teas have been our most popular item so far, and we’re hoping the alcoholic versions will be just as popular.”

Smooch’s cocktail teas will be available exclusively on Deliveroo, from £4.70.


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