The Ultimate Hangover Cure: A Bloody Mary with Oysters!

I'm sure a couple of you could do with this right now...

By Ben Brown | 15 June 2021

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This weekend was a biggie for many. The sun was out (mostly), the football was on the telly and everywhere seemed mightily busy, full of punters knocking back the booze and scoffing everything in sight.

So with all of this going on, there were likely some seriously bad hangovers this last couple of days, and perhaps even today too. But what’s your hangover cure? Lucozade? A massive Maccies? Crying in a cold shower?

Well, Altrincham’s The Con Club came up with an absolute belter this weekend – the Ultimate Bloody Mary that came complete with a spicy dressed oyster perched on top!

Their selection of Bloody Mary’s is pretty legendary already, with a couple of excellent variations on the classic cocktail including the Red Snapper (£8) and the brilliant Michelada (£4); a Mexican delicacy with tomato juice, Tabasco, lime juice and lager.

There’s also their Bloody Geisha (£8.50) a unique concoction comprising of Shōchū – a Japanese spirit distilled from rice, alongside Plum Sake, lime juice, tomato juice, ginger brine and Sriracha sauce.

This weekend saw them launch the ‘BLOODY MARY ROCKS’ special, a huge Bloody Mary with a fresh, spicy oyster on the side – perfect for getting your head sorted and getting back on it.

Perfect as the ultimate hangover cure – it’s likely that next weekend will be just as hardcore as this weekend, so you now know where to get yourself to after the England v Scotland game on Friday night.



The Con Club, 48 Greenwood Street, Altrincham, WA14 1RZ
0161 696 6870