The Weekly Drool #034 – Crispy Pork Belly at Elnecot

The Ancoats favourite has created the ultimate brunch dish with this one...

Most of these Weekly Drool offerings involve some form of melted cheese, or excessive levels of sauce, or something with a firework in it. Basically – something flashy and drool-inducing – hence the name.

As such, looking at these pictures of the Crispy Pork Belly at Elnecot, it’s almost impossible not to feel a little twitch in your mouth as your saliva glands get to work – and this dish doesn’t just look the part – it’s got everything you could ever want from a brunch dish.

The dish itself consists of crispy pork belly, a homemade potato rosti, fried eggs, savoy kimchi, yoghurt and a chipotle chilli jam. Sounds good right?

Let’s get started on the Crispy Pork Belly, of which you get a LOT on there – each chunk is soft, juicy and flavoursome but also – that CRISP is perfect. It’s like the crackling that your mum used to make – and it’ll immediately put a warm smile on your face.

The team at Elnecot are fiercely proud of their ingredients and local produce, and their Crispy Pork is a big part of what they stand for. It’s sourced from the Yorkshire Dales, with each pig selected for it’s fat content, with a small window of thickness that ensures that the meat is both lean as well as succulent.

The belly is prepared slowly, over the course of a few hours, with the crackling then given a final hot blast the achieve maximum crispy-ness. As a result you have a succulent meat encased in a crispy layer of fat – which is truly sublime. It’s hard to stress just how good this pork belly truly is – you’re just going to have to go down and try it for yourself.

Accompanying the pork is a homemade potato rosti, fried eggs and Elnecot’s outstanding savoy cabbage kimchi. The whole thing is then brought together with a smoky chipotle chilli jam that is the perfect foil to your bottomless glasses of Prosecco on a weekend.

The Pork Belly is also available on Elnecot’s main menu – so even if you’re not in for brunch, you can still sample this amazing dish. And what’s more – Elnecot extended their ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ offer until the end of September – meaning you can get 50% OFF the Pork Belly when you dine Monday – Wednesday. Thank you very much.


Crispy Pork Belly @ Elnecot
… with rosti, fried eggs, savoy kimchi, chipotle chilli jam, yoghurt


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