The Weekly Drool #036 - Breakfast Tacos & Bao Buns at Wolf at the Door

Give me ALL the breakfast foods you have. Right now...

By Ben Brown | 6 October 2020

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Gone are the days when a bowl of Frosties with some ice-cold blue top milk could wake me up and get me set for the day. Not anymore – I need something with a bit more ‘ooofff!’ in the mornings.

I’ve tried everything. From those expensive protein balls that cost an arm and a leg, to just downing a full carton of Innocent smoothie on the way to work. None have worked. But these new breakfast delights from Wolf at the Door just might do the trick.

First of all – the tacos and bao buns at Wolf at the Door are already excellent, so whoever decided to combine them with breakfast definitely needs a raise. Or a statue somewhere because these little beauties are just what you need in the mornings.

Top of the list should surely be their Sausage & Egg McTaco – a small disc of corn topped with ground pork sausage, egg, cheese and a drizzle of brown sauce – it’s simple and it’s genius and it’s absolutely delicious.


You’ll also find the truly sublime Hash Brown Bao – stuffed with deep fried hash brown, melted vegan cheese and a curry ketchup, as well as a Deep Fried Avocado Bao that is smothered in their very own Avocado hot sauce.

Their Tofu Taco is another vegan offering with scrambled tofu, spicy sauce, refried beans and a sprinkle of nachos, while the Taco Royale is a classic smoked salmon, egg and hollandaise number.

For me though it’s all about the Sausage & Egg McTaco – I could eat them from now until forever, every single morning to put a serious spring in my step.

Oh, and with as many Hash Brown Bites as I can fill my stomach with. They’re outstanding also.

The Breakfast Tacos & Baos are available every day at Wolf at the Door from 10am until 2pm. Now go out and enjoy.


Wolf at the Door, 30-32 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1ER