The Weekly Drool #038 - Oreo French Toast at Ezra & Gil

The brunch favourites have created a truly indulgent Oreo treat...

By Manchester's Finest | 25 May 2021

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When I was growing up, back in the 90s – nobody over here had a clue what an ‘Oreo’ was. Even until around 10 years ago, the American biscuits were still relatively unknown over here, with only the odd appearance in milkshakes at those old 50’s style diners.

Nowadays though – Oreos are EVERYWHERE. Walk down the biscuit aisle in Morrisons and you’ll find a vast array of new variations, double stuffed, triple stuffed, dipped in chocolate, mint flavour, unicorn flavour and anything else you can imagine in your wildest dreams – Oreo have probably done it.

There’s a big reason why they’re everywhere nowadays and the reason why – they’re proper fit. Dipped in milk, crumbled up into ice cream or in this case – paired with a huge slab of French Toast – Oreos seemingly perfectly pair up with most desserts or sweet dishes.

Oreo’s are a big reason why we ordered this wonderful French Toast (£9.50) at Ezra & Gil this week, but as soon as it came – we were well and truly bowled over. I mean – just look at the size of that SLAB of brioche bread on there…

The almost-cuboid bread is dipped in eggs and then fried, before being topped liberally with maple syrup, crushed Oreos, vanilla mascarpone, fresh strawberries and a banging white chocolate sauce.

It’s naughty, it’s indulgent and it’s definitely drool-inducing. If you’ve got a sweet tooth – this is the definitive brunch dish for you.



Ezra & Gil are operating with WALK-INS ONLY with a seriously impressive terrace out on Stevenson Square.

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