The Woman creating these Stunning Luxury Cupcakes & Brownies in her Salford Kitchen

Sophie Allen has created The Food Rubiks Cakery...

By Manchester's Finest | 23 August 2021

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Most things happen in this world purely out of boredom. We’ve all been sat around our house on a particularly slow Saturday afternoon, it’s raining outside, there’s only football scores on the telly and your phone is upstairs charging.

What to do?! It’s a full 5 hours until Take Me Out comes on the telly and if you start supping that bottle of wine in the fridge now then there won’t be anything left while watching that.

Now, multiply this by about 100 and you’ll have the experience of millions of us last year when we entered our first lockdown – stuck at home, nothing on the telly, no job and only those terrible quizzes to keep us (mildly) entertained.

Sophie Allen though, she got up, went to the kitchen and started playing around with cakes.

She began creating stunning cakes, cupcakes and brownies in her kitchen in Salford, and cut to 18 months later and she’s created The Food Rubiks Cakery – and my word – this lot look mega!

Barely a couple of months old, Sophie’s cakes are absolutely smashing it, and her Instagram is packed with images of the most delectable looking cakes and sweet treats you can imagine. What’s more, she’s created a special Bank Holiday Menu of rainbow treats this weekend – with 100% of profits going to Manchester Pride.

There are three options available this Bank Holiday Weekend…

Party Box Treat (£30)
4 gooey chocolate cupcakes with Madagascan vanilla buttercream
4 salted caramel fondant cookies
2 white chocolate covered cakesicles with a Madagascan vanilla cake centre


Chocolate Brownie Slab (£20)
Triple chocolate gooey brownie slab topped with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and a salted caramel fondant ‘Love Is Love’ topper


Luxury Cupcakes (£17.50)
6 gooey chocolate cupcakes topped with Madagascan vanilla buttercream, with your choice of filling: salted caramel, Lotus Biscoff or Nutella.

Head on over to The Food Rubiks Cakery IG to order yourself some treats this weekend – orders close on Wednesday at 10pm.

They can then be picked up from M30 during one of the following spots. Or alternatively, delivery is also available within 5km of M30.

Friday 27th August 6-8pm
Sunday 29th August 4-6pm
Monday 30th of August 11-12pm / 4-6pm

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