5 Volta Small Plates We're Obsessed With

If you ask me, the King of small plates will always be Volta.

By Manchester's Finest | 21 May 2019

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Inspired by the travels of the two owners – you will find a wide array of fish, meat and vegetarian small plates which will take you from one corner of the globe in a few mouthfuls.

Sometimes, however, it can be pretty difficult to narrow it down to just a few dishes, but after some extensive research, we have managed to pick a few must-haves. 

Chickpea Dal, Coconut Milk
Sometimes a wee bowl of curry is just what you need to warm the darkest recesses of your soul. This chickpea dal from Volta is the stuff of legend and a great example of their fantastic approach to vegan and vegetarian dining. This sumptuous curry is made with coconut milk, tender chickpeas and a range of aromatic spices and topped with smoked almonds, juicy apricots and dates for a pop of sweetness.  Vegan or not, this dish is certainly one of the best on the menu, hands down.


Charred Tendersem Broccoli
Who knew that greens could taste so good? Try telling my five-year-old self that one of my favourite dishes in the whole of Manchester would be a plate of broccoli and I probably would have stuck my tongue out at you and made a rude noise. This dish is mega – it takes charred tenderstem broccoli, which is seeping in some kind of garlicky, smoky, salty, buttery type situation, paired with some delicious Romesco sauce. I love it and I reckon you will too.


Smoked Feta, Beetroot, Hazlenut & Dill
A trip to Volta without ordering this dish is a trip wasted if you ask me. Even if I am just going for a drink, I always order this cheeky little dip on the side to tantalise my taste buds. It takes cool, fresh beetroot dip and tops it with creamy smoked feta, crunchy toasted hazelnuts and fresh sprigs of dill. Pair it with some warm flatbreads or some chunky slabs of salty focaccia and you have yourself a little pocket of heaven sat in front of you.


Shanghai Style Pork Bao
Bao buns are more popular than sliced bread at the moment and for a bloody good reason. Fluffy, light and stuffed with juicy barbecued meat. This bao was stuffed with crispy, salty and sweet Shanghai style roasted pork which was everything it needed to be and more. Finished off with some thinly sliced spring onion and some sesame seeds, this dish is probably the only thing on the menu I wouldn’t be up for sharing.


Deep Fried Monte Enebro Goats Cheese
Deep fried cheese? Yeah, it doesn’t get much more indulgent than that now does it? This delectable goats cheese is sliced, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried until it is melty and delicious and encased in a golden breadcrumb crust. The geniuses at Volta finish this off with a dribble of honey and pickled beetroot which ends up making the whole dish a perfect marriage of sour, salty and sweet.


Venue: Volta
Date: Monday- Friday
Time: 12pm – 6 pm

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