Try Your Hand at Making The Liquor Store’s Infamous Cocktails with this Masterclass

Fancy yourself as a bit of an at-home bartender? Well, Liquor Store is offering a cocktail masterclass to get you creating the classics at home.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 1 March 2022

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Lockdown inevitably forced a lot of us to finally take up that hobby we’d been talking about starting for years. Loads of people learned a language or took up DJing, or did a bit of nail art and crafting on the side of trying not to completely lose their minds, but, for me, I dived straight into my booze filled cupboard to start my very own menu of cocktail excellence. 

Being a die-hard fan of the holy Margarita, there was a lot of tequila kicking about, the majority of it in a shot glass gulped down by an apple juice chaser (if you haven’t tried it, BELIEVE ME it works), but not many cocktails that actually tasted nice. They were all pretty rank to be totally honest. 

I gave up in the end, and went back to the classic G&T, which you can’t really get wrong. What I should’ve done, is booked myself into a cocktail making masterclass, because, as I found, it takes a certain type of skill to create a cocktail that’s actually worth drinking.

Lucky for you lot, Liquor Store on Deansgate offers exactly that. Their cocktail masterclass is tailored exclusively to your party, so it can be as educational or as mental as you’d like, and can specialise in a certain type of spirit, like Gin, for example. It’s great value for money and run by some great bartenders who know exactly how to throw a party.

Sessions start from just £25 per person and can cater for parties of 6 to 25, which includes four drinks each. As well as this, you’ll get your exclusive cocktail masterclass where you’ll get up close and personal with the cocktail master to create your very own drinks! 

The interactive session will also take you through the history and techniques of cocktail making, expect a journey through the punch houses of 18th century Britain and everything that came after! Or, if you just want to get absolutely leathered, you can do that, too.

If you want a rough rundown of how the evening will go, then you’re in the right place. To begin, your host will gift you a welcome glass of Prosecco or beer and give you a quick introduction to the class. 

Then, a basic cocktail skills demonstration will take place, which will then be followed by a team skills competition where guests are invited up to the bar to recreate each cocktail with guidance from their host. There’s a prize for the best cocktail created after each round, so make sure you round-up your most competitive pals. Oh, and if you’re not feeling pissed enough by the end of the session, then you’ll leave with a farewell shot of your choice

Liquor Store is open from 4pm – 3am Thursday – Sunday and from 12pm – 3am Friday and Saturday. You can book your masterclass at any point during the bars opening hours by following the link below!


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